Christmas Decorations

The holidays are over and it’s time to put the decorations away. For some reason it always takes me longer to take them down than to put them up. Maybe it’s because there is no singing, dancing, or coco…lol

Like with any of your possessions, organizing them before you put the away is always helpful. The following steps are a few things you can do to make next year’s set up a breeze.

  • Create Categories

    Group items into large categories (Ex: Outdoor and Indoor Decorations); then smaller categories (Ex: Ornaments and Lights).

  • Purge

    Purged any items you no longer want. Don’t pack something away that you no longer love or need. If the item was not used when you were decorating decide if it’s really needed or not.

  • Inventory Check

    Make note of anything that needs to be replaced before the next holiday season.

  • Containers

    Use clear stackable containers to identify items easily. Buy containers only after you have purged.

  • Label Everything

    Label container with categories. You can also add a detailed list of container contents on the inside of the bin.

  • Storage

    Store items high and dry. Since you only need them once a year, no need to have them stored at eye level.