Packing Tips For Teachers

Teachers are very hard working individuals who give from their hearts, minds, and pocket books.

Several items are often purchased over the years to go along with lessons to engage and enrich our children. Organizing these items will help teachers tremendously.

The 5 steps below will help teachers be more aware of the supplies they already have and also with a more efficient pack. Don’t waste another minute start organizing now!

If you don’t use an item consider donating it (give items to parents to work with their kids. Throw away anything that is damaged. Throw away irrelevant subject material.

Sort everything into a category (ex: bullentin board materials, desk supplies, crafts, etc.)

If you have several copies of 1 document consider scanning that document onto a computer and recycling the others. If you do not have a scanner keep that 1 document in a sheet protector and place it in a binder labeled “Originals”. Recycle the other copies.

Store your categorized items in bins, containers, bags, or boxes that can be labeled. You can also take inventory at this time and make a list of needed items.

Label storage container with the category name. You can also add subject area, time of year needed, and whether or not it’s a priority box with colored dots. Make sure you label the side of the box and not the top.