Garage Sale Tips

  • Find Your Merchandise

    Check each room in your home for any unused items. Look for things like tools, appliances, clothing your cant/don’t wear, toys, and furniture. Think of how much space you will have once these items are cleared out. Make sure you wipe off any dust or dirt before you place an item out for sale.

  • What To Charge

    This is entirely up to you. You can give it all away for nothing or do a little research via GOOGLE and EBAY. Just remember these items were not being used and were taking up prime real estate in your home. Make sure to stop by the bank for some change (1’s and quarter’s works for us) the day before your sale.

  • Early Bird Gets The Worm!

    Start your sale early in the morning. Put your signage out first and then start setting up. If someone arrives before you are done setting up you can always pull something specific for them. If you are doing your sale during the summer time the early hours are the coolest. If you are selling in the fall dress in layers.

  • Create Your Store

    Gather as many items as you can to display your merchandise on. This can be tables, chairs, tarps, or even a ladders. Sort your items in categories just like a retail store. Keep electronics near an outlet just in case a customer wants to try out an item. If you really want to step up your sale separate the clothing by gender and size. If you have a long mirror that is easy to move you can place it near your clothing section so people can see how they look. Just make sure you place a NOT FOR SALE tag on everything you do not intend to sale.

  • Donation Time

    Now that the sale is over its time to pack it all up, but wait don’t take it back into the garage or house! Take anything that didn’t sell to your closest donation center. If you were willing to sell it you don’t need it. Do not add unneeded items back into your home. Most donation centers will give you a receipt for your donation that can be used as a tax write off.