Closet Organizing Tips

  • Clear Closet Out

    Take everything out of your closet and sort the items (dresses with dresses, pants with pants, shoes with shoes, etc)

  • Purge

    With each category ask yourself the following:

    • Does this item fit? If it does not fit it must fit within 3 month or it goes!
    • Is this item damaged?
    • When did I last wear this?
    • Do I have more than one of these?
    • Is this still in style?
    • Do I love it?

    Have a bag for donation and trash. Label each bag so that you don’t mix them up. Monitor your keep stack. You don’t want to overstuff your closet.

  • Organize What You Keep

    Now that you know what’s staying it’s time to get it back into the closet.

    • I suggest haning everything backwards. As you wear an item you can turn the hangerthe correct way.
    • Keep your categories together (Pants with pants, shirts with shirts)
    • Keep all accessories together (ex: Belts on belt hanger; Ties on tie rack)

  • Donate, Donate, Donate

    As soon as you are done take your donation bags to the car. Take out the items that have been labeled trash also.